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Stock handling is a key factor in maximizing any plant’s performance. 1xbet website’ Smart Automation Solutions Division Flex’y Shuttle automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) offers unparalleled speed and flexibility for efficient order picking operations.


Flex’y Shuttle—a multi-level light load storage shuttle—offers numerous advantages, including phased investment for optimal ROI. As operations grow, equipment can easily be added to scale capacity and throughput. In addition, employees no longer need to lug heavy items around, alleviating physical stress, improving onsite safety, and helping boost productivity.

Flex’y Shuttle is fully customizable according to our customers’ operating needs and budget. We offer a wide range of load handling devices that can manage multiple containers and load types. These include cartons, trays, totes and pallets.


As 1xbet website’ Smart Automation Solutions Division industrial ASRS solution, Flex’y Shuttle meets the needs of even the most demanding environments. It provides the perfect balance between storage capacity and throughput. Its modular design, multi-level shuttle features independent storage capacity.

The system offers footprint optimization and full use of volumes. Its modular design is adaptable in 3D to make the best use of available space. Safe and easy to use, no work at heights is required for installation, use or maintenance. A stainless steel version is available for the washable zone.


All of 1xbet website’ Smart Automation Solutions Division ASRS systems can be used for semi-finished goods buffering within an automated process, goods-to-person order picking, or for pure storage. They feature high availability and access to stored goods on foot thanks to human-sized cells.

Our ASRS solutions pair perfectly with our Warehouse Control System (WCS). Together, they allow for a more precise stock overview and real-time reflection of operational status.


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