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Always remember to work on your weak hand and to dribble with your head up (very important) at game speed. Some basic stuff you can do is to put your basketball or basketballs in plastic shopping bags (tie them so they stay around the ball), it makes gripping them really hard but is very effective for getting you better at gripping the ball. 2 ...

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Change of pace - Ability to go from a slow dribble to a fast dribble which will help beat defenders as well as increase change of direction. In addition having a quick last dribble allows you to get your shot off quicker. Use of hips - Ability to go from a standing up stance to dropping the hips down (when in attack mode).

How to dribble in between legs and behind the back : Basketball

Don't overdo it. Stand with your legs apart as if you're in the middle of a stride and practice dribbling back and forth between the legs, over and over. Then split your legs the other way so that the foot behind is now in front and do the same drill. After awhile you can try walking slowly while dribbling between the legs.

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5 years ago. Archived. [Help] Beginner dribbling tutorials? (Left handed) Im left handed and can pretty much only dribble with that hand, and I feel like a 5 year old when I dribble a ball, I swear the toddler rec team players have better handles than me. So what are some videos, tutorials, anything that'll be helpful. 5 comments.

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But instead of just dribbling, you gotta attack hard a feel comfortable with 1-3 hard dribbles. Every time your done a rep, dribble out and restart. Lastly move to the FT live area, but after your fakes, drive hard in one direction, but assume the defender responds.

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Get low and dribble hard and low for 20 seconds. Vary the height, going low, medium and high. Switch hands. Focus on dribbling hard. Push-pulls are basically one-handed crossovers. Using one hand, dribble out a 'v' in front of you. As you get better, you should be getting lower, dribbling harder, and widening the 'v.' Switch hands.

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I am a beginner. Today I played 1v1 against a friend. He's about the same size as me has 5kg more muscle and basically doesn't miss a fadeaway/stepbacks under the basket. He always muscles his way through to the basket with his butt first and then scores because I can't block his shot. It's hard to steal the ball from him because his back is so ...

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Dribbling. I've become a somewhat better ballhandler, but alot of people tell me I look "stiff" when making moves like a crossover, between the legs, behind the back ...