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Basketball: The Clock and Timing

How long is a basketball game? Basketball games are played a set amount of time. It's different for different leagues and levels of play: High School - High school basketball games are made up of four 8-minute quarters or two 16-minute halves. College - NCAA college basketball games consists of two 20 minute halves.

Rule Differences - FIBA.basketball

Rule FIBA NBA NCAA; Playing time: 4x10 minutes 5 minutes over-time (OT) 4x12 minutes 5 minutes over-time: 2x20 minutes 5 minutes over-time: Shot clock: 24 seconds After offensive rebound: 14 seconds: 24 seconds: Men: 35 seconds Women: 30 seconds: 3-point line: 6.75m (6.60 on baseline) 7.24m (6.70m on baseline) Men: 6.25m Women: 6.325m: Time-outs: 2 in first half

RULE NO. 5: Scoring and Timing | NBA Official

All periods of regulation play in the NBA will be twelve minutes. All overtime periods of play will be five minutes. Fifteen minutes will be permitted between halves of all games. 2:30 will be permitted between the first and second periods, the third and fourth periods and before any overtime ...

What is the duration of basketball match? - Quora

According to FIBA (Federation of International Basketball Association) rules and regulations the basketball consists of 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. So total time is 40 minutes. However in NBA (National Basketball Association) each quarter is of 12 minutes and hence the total time is 48 minutes.

How Long Does a Basketball Game Really Last? - SPort ...

It really does depend on when you go to see a game in all honesty. If you count in overtime (which can range from 5-minutes to 3-minutes per side, depending on the tournament), then the game could easily last beyond an hour and a half. The average length of time for a basketball game is around 2-hours.

3x3 Basketball: Rules - USA B

In case a team believes its interests have been adversely affected by a decision of an official or by any event that took place during a game, it must proceed in the following manner: 1. A player of that team shall sign the score sheet immediately at the end of the game and before the referee signs ...

FIBR We Are Basketball @FIBA

1 x 10 minutes, regu ar playing time Score limit: 21 points. Applies to regular playing time only Note: it game nnt avanahle , running time length and sudden death score is at organizer's discretion. FIBA recommends senng score limit in line with the game duration (10 minutes.'10 points; 15 minutes/15 points; 21

Official 3x3 Basketball Rules Short Version

If a game clock is not available, the running time’s length and/or required points for “sudden death” is at the organizer’s discretion. FIBA recommends setting the score limit in line with the game’s duration (10 minutes/10