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Crickets as a sign of good luck. Crickets have played a very important role in Asian cultures – especially in Japan and China – and in North American cultures. People have considered them to be a symbol of good luck, fortune, prosperity, and vitality. There are many songs and stories about the cricket as a talisman of wisdom.

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One of those insects that was superstitiously seen as lucky, and still is, is the cricket. For a number of years, the cricket has been seen as lucky to have here on Earth. It is thought to be a sign of wealth and good fortune. This was especially true in some Asian countries where the cricket was seen as the “watchdog.” The crickets were housed in small cages and suspended from rafters and doorways as pets.

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People would put crickets in wooden, often bamboo-made cages and hang their pet crickets in their abodes as a lucky charm and as well as a sophisticated gesture. Asides from the sound that the cricket insects produce, Chinese culture also anticipated and engaged in cricket insect battles.

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Native Americans believed crickets brought good luck as well, and avoided mimicking the chirping out of respect for the insect. Bug superstitions suggest that it’s very bad luck to kill a cricket, even on accident.

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Crickets bring good luck to the entire family if they enter your home. Images of crickets on necklaces, bracelets, or paintings can ward off the evil eye. Killing a cricket, even if you killed it by accident is very very bad luck, so you had better not use them for fishing. The chirping of a cricket brings good luck to all that hear.

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Cricket characters feature in the Walt Disney animated movies Pinocchio (1940), where Jiminy Cricket becomes the title character's conscience, and in Mulan (1998), where Cri-Kee is carried in a cage as a symbol of luck, in the Asian manner. The Crickets was the name of Buddy Holly's rock and roll band; Holly's home town baseball team in the 1990s was called the Lubbock Crickets.

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Well, on a serious note, crickets are very useful insects that will not only bring you a fortune and good luck but can also guard your house and when you cross the line by killing them, they even know how to deliver justice to themselves and so they will bring bad luck for you as well.

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Like the Ladybug and the Dragonfly, Cricket symbolism is a sign of exceptional luck. Furthermore, this spirit animal says that the things that you have been working toward and dreaming about are now possible. Therefore Cricket meaning directs you to stay open to guidance and messages so that you will know what you have to do.