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Funny Cricket Terms A to E, Cricket's humorous glossary- Part 1

Perhaps, also the most poached. So, in the wake of Cricket’s mighty charm on fans by virtue of its diction and parlance, we bring you 5 funny terms from A-E, in the first set in our series on Cricketing glossary: understanding the A-to-Z of this great game of ours. 1. A for Adelaide Oval.

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15 Corker Cricket Terms, Deciphered | Mental Floss

On May 6, 1751, the first U.S. cricket match was recorded. In honor of that game, and to decipher some of the seemingly complex intricacies for the uninitiated, check out these 15 corker cricket ...

Glossary of cricket terms - Wikipedia

In English cricket, the term Nelson similarly refers to a superstition concerning a number (111) which is traditionally regarded as unlucky. Diamond duck regional usage varies, but either a dismissal (usually run out) without facing a delivery, [44] or a dismissal (for zero) off the first ball of a team's innings (the less common term platinum duck is used interchangeably).

Dibbly-Dobbly? Silly Mid Off? Slog Sweep? What It All Means ...

What It All Means SILLY MID OFF . A close-in fielding position on the side opposite the batsman. Not to be confused with the dozens of... SLEDGING . Trash talking. Despite cricket’s polite reputation, quite a lot of sledging goes on, sometimes picked up by... SLOG SWEEP . A flamboyant shot in which ...

Cricket's funny phrasebook: How the sport's terminology might ...

Cricket's funny phrasebook: How the sport's terminology might appear to an outsider. There are many, many words and phrases in the sport's lexicon which could be interpreted very, very differently. Here The Cricketer presents a handful of alternative definitions... The Oxford English Dictionary are asking cricket fans to help compile a ...

A Guide To Cricket Slang - Insure4Sport Blog

The term was most famously used in 1993, when England’s Mike Gatting dropped a dolly during a match against India. Duck/Golden Duck. A ‘duck’ is perhaps the best-known cricket slang term. This refers to when a batsman is dismissed without scoring. A ‘golden duck’ is when they are dismissed by the first ball. Jaffa

Glossary of cricket terms & sayings

Pyjamas-- Derogatory term for the coloured clothing worn in certain forms of one-day cricket. Advocates of coloured clothing regard its detractors as stick-in-the-mud traditionalists, but this is to overlook an important truth - it is invariably hideous, designed with the taste and discrimination of a two-year-old in a paint factory.

Glossary of Cricket Terms and Cricket Terminology

a term (used primarily by UK county players) to describe a very high volume of run-making, or batting assault. Popper a ball that rises sharply from the pitch when bowled ('pops up'). Powerplay a block of overs that in One Day Internationals offer a temporary advantage to the batting side. Pro20 South African form of twenty20 Pro40