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The beautiful Queensland Spotted Pyrgomorph, Greyacris profundesulcata (Family Pyrgomorphidae). Caedicia is probably the largest genus of Orthoptera in Australia, containing many very similar looking katydids (Family Tettigoniidae). Both male and female Wood Crickets, Epacra spp. (Family Gryllacrididae), may sing in times of stress.

Black Field Crickets - Queensland Museum

There are two widespread, very similar species known as Black Field Crickets, Teleogryllus oceanicus and Teleogryllus commodus. Both species are common in eastern Australia and south-western WA. They are often attracted to lights at night. They live under debris and in shallow burrows in open forest, pasture, farmland and gardens where they feed on plant matter.

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Crickets and Katydids - Brisbane Insects

Crickets and Katydids Order Orthoptera, Suborder Ensifera This page contains pictures and information about Crickets and Katydids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Crickets and katydids are in insect Order Orthoptera, Suborder Ensifera. They are among the most commonly seen insects. Their size ranges from 5mm to 100mm.

Giant King Cricket - Queensland Museum Network

Biology. Giant King Crickets are found only in rainforest in south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales. They live in burrows in the soil and emerge on wet nights to forage on the rainforest floor for live insects and rotten fruit. They are closely related to the giant wetas of New Zealand.

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Grasshopper or cricket. Two pairs of wings. Forewings partly hardened. Enlarged hind legs for jumping. Hedge Grasshopper (Valanga irregularis) King Cricket (Penalva sp.) Queensland Museum's Find out about... is proudly supported by the Thyne Reid Foundation and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.

Field Guide to Grasshoppers of Brisbane and South East Queensland

Name: Slow-chirping Mottled Field Cricket - Lepidogryllus comparatus Size: body length 25mm Habitat: backyards, gardens and road sides Habits : male Field Cricket calling in the hole at night, heading outwards with antenna outside We found them at : very common in Brisbane Identification: dark brown in colour, calling sound

Common Mole Cricket and Calling Songs - Brisbane Insects

Family GRYLLOTALPIDAE. This page contains information and pictures about Common Mole Crickets that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Male Mole Cricket - playing its love song, or stridulation, at the entrance of its burrow to call for the female.

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Crickets and Katydids - Their hind legs are highly developed, much stronger and larger than the other four legs. They are very good in jumping. They are very good in jumping. The adults insects have four wings, the front wings, knows as tegmina, is tough and narrow when compare with the hind wings.