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For Unique spirit stones, see this page Spirit Stones are upgrade components that can be equipped on players to improve their stats. Strategic combination of the Stones can effectively determine the overall performance of the player. Allocated number of Spirit Stones slots are as such: Neutral 2-star to 4-star players have a total of 3 slots, including one unlockable Prism slot. Neutral 5-star ...

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God of Fire's Judgement, GoFJ. Increases the penetration by 20% for each target with a shot. Increases the critical damage by 25% whenever you become unable to move. (Accumulates up to 4 times) Legendary. Increases the penetration by 7% and critical damage by 15% for each target with a shot.

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7* build - Stone build for 7* players with rerolled spirit stone slot attribute. 5*/7* build - Stone build for 5*/6*/7* player with no rerolled spirit stone slot attribute. Striker. Brief Explanations Below + Previous Stone Build List for Comparison (Spoiler): For strikers, the current meta is damage inflicted increase meta.

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Stones don't really matter on totem Guin so the following build is for midline penetrator + stealer Guin. Her reflex sucks so we stack triple counterattack resist stones on her - use double dark action speed stones on totem Guin as well. She does have a ton of crit though so we only need 1 crit stone at most. Silent Cold if totem. Haru: Ardor ...

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10 692. 16 038. 24 057. There is a chance for the stone to evolve up a star level when successfully levelling it to +3, +6, +9, +12 and +15. Your stones will also receive an extra stat boost at each of these stages regardless of evolution. The evolution chances are as follows: Rank. Evolution Rate.

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Soccer Spirits Player Arts Rip (26/07/2015) Teamwork (Waifu?) Questions And Answers Spreadsheet; Double First Purchase Rewards Bug; Spirit Stones Max Stats; Soccer Spirits Patch Notes (July 22nd 2015) 14 Days - New & Returning User Reward; Adieu Season 1 Event Poll Results; Soccer Spirits Season 2 Trailer; Soccer Spirits Patch Notes (July 15th ...

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This is how a stone look like. Spirit stones are items that can be equipped by your players to boost their stats. They are divided by element (Light, Dark, Ardor, WW, Thunder), grade (number of stars), zodiac which determines main options (i.e. Aquarius, Pisces, etc.), from 1* to 6* and by rarity: rare stones with two main options and common stones with one option.

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Spirit Stones when sold give us Core points, with 200, we get 1 Spirit Core. The Grade (1-4 star) and Rarity (Common or Rare) affect how many points we get. Aint nobody selling UQ or LUQ stones though so I ain't listing that. 1 star stones are worth 1 and 2 points respectively. You can get them from Normal Story 1-4 at the cost of 2 stamina a run.

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Welcome to the Soccer Spirits Wiki! Soccer Spirits is an Android & iOS sport card game by Com2uS and developed by BigBall Co. Ltd. Anyone can contribute and help our community! Soccer Spirits 5th Anniversary Special Full-Animation Revealed!

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Increases the effect of Spirit Stones on Presty by 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30%, HP by 120 / 240 / 360 / 480 / 600, and defense by 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20%. ... Soccer Spirits ...

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