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Tennis Scoring: Points, Sets & Games | Tennis Rules | USTA

Tennis is a game played on a rectangular-shaped court, which can be one of many surfaces. It is either played with two players (singles match), or four players (doubles match). Players stand on opposite sides of the net and use a stringed racquet to hit the ball back and forth to each other.

A Simple Introduction to Tennis Scoring for Beginners

In men's professional tennis, players generally must win three out of five sets to win a match. In women's professional tennis, players generally must win two out of three sets to win the match. If you're a beginner, do yourself a favor: Whether you're male or female, decide that the victor will be the player who wins two out of three sets.

Percentage Tennis | Most Important Number In [Winning] Tennis

Match Winners = Won 10,500 points (55%) Match Losers = Lost 8740 points (45%) That’s why 55% is the most important number in tennis. It represents the pinnacle of our sport, and it also represents the real difference between winning and losing.

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A game is won by the first player to have won at least four points in total and at least two points more than the opponent. The running score of each game is described in a manner peculiar to tennis: scores from zero to three points are described as "love", "15", "30", and "40", respectively.

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Level 1 Tennis Coach, Tennis Ireland Member of Tennis Coach Ireland Licensed Cardio Tennis Instructor Professional Racquet Stringer . Having over 25 years of coaching experience, Alan O’Mahony has coached in multiple schools and a number of tennis clubs. Alan O’Mahony is the Bounce Tennis Academy Principal Coach.

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