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One-Handed Backhand - Technique for the Tennis One Handed ...

In the one handed backhand tennis technique, the player generates his power to hit the ball with speed from the force he creates as he move his arms, legs and body in a forward and upward motion. Once the ball is approaching, most professional players choose to remove the left hand support and swing the racket forward.

Tennis One-Handed Backhand Technique In 6 Steps

The key to correct one-handed backhand follow-through is to extend the arm fully and not allow the body to rotate, as explained above. What tends to confuse players about the follow-through is when they observe a tennis pro like Stan Wawrinka finish the backhand follow-through facing forward with the body.

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This one-handed backhand technique is incorrect and will usually result in very short balls with no pace. Instead of trying to lift and spin the ball by using your forearm and wrist, you need to dip your front shoulder first, which will cause the racket to swing under the ball as you start executing the backhand.

Tennis One-Handed Backhand Tips - 4 Keys To A Consistent Backhand

Your one-handed backhand has to be a reliable stroke as it's likely it will be attacked often. We usually don't use the one-handed backhand as an attacking stroke but more as a steady, consistent stroke with which we control depth and direction.

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First Move On The One Handed Backhand. After you get the proper tennis grip, the next step is to have the right first move. If you think about the best one handed backhands in the modern game (Federer, Gasquet, and Wawrinka to name a few) they all have very similar first moves.