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Find the right tennis racquet size - USTA

Here's a look at the racquet sizes available and the best way to measure which is best for you. 19-, 21- and 23-inch racquets. These are all generally youth racquets for players age 8 and under. 23- and 25-inch racquets. These are generally best for the 9-10-year-old age group. 26-inch racquets

Sizing and Selection Guide for Junior Racquets

ready for an adult size racquet but still needs the lighter weight, balance, and maneuverability of a junior tennis racquet. A 26” frame is the right size for children around 8 to 12 years of age and around

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Tennis Racquet Buying Guide for Juniors

17 & 19 in. racquets are generally for kids up to 3 years. 21 in. racquets are generally for kids ages 4-6. 23 in. racquets are generally for kids ages 7-8. 25 in. racquets are generally for kids ages 9-10. 26 in. racquets are generally for kids ages 11-12, who have played tennis for a few years or are able to handle swinging a longer racquet.

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9-10 years. 50-55 inches. 25 inches. 10 or older. 55 inches or taller. 26 inches. Another method for finding the right sized racket is based on size rather than age. Have your child stand up straight. Stand the racket — handle upwards — next to their foot on their playing side (e.g. right foot if they’re right-handed)

What Size Tennis Racket For a 12-Year Olds? - Tennis Hold

If a 12-year-old is between 55 and 62 inches tall, a 26-inch racket is a suitable size. If the child is taller, they will be better off with a full-size 27-inch adult racket. If they are tall enough for an adult racket, they will also consider the grip size. You may be wondering if that one inch makes much of a difference.

Best Tennis Racquets for High Schoolers - Updated for 2021!

But as a general rule of thumb for buying tennis racquets for high school tennis players here’s the key specification you should be looking for: Head Size: 100 sq.in head size ( ideal) String Pattern: 16/16 for Power, 16/19 for Control. Weight: 10 – 11.5 oz.