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Volleyball Officials Hand Signals | Set up for Volleyball

If a player or team requests a time-out the officials will signify this by creating a T using their hands. This T will be displayed at head level to ensure all players can visibly see it. After the T is displayed the official will point to the side which has called the timeout so it can be noted down on the score sheet. 22. Officials Time-Out


13. Out-of-bounds/ Antenna Violation 14. Begin Serve 15. Substitution 16. Authorization to Enter 17. Point 18. Replay/Re-serve 19. Time-out 19a. Team 19b. Offi cial 20. Unnecessary Delay 21. End-of-Set 22. Change of Courts PlayPics courtesy of (www.referee.com) OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS

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Volleyball Referee Signal Techniques

Volleyball Referee Signal for Time Out. When a team requests a time out, the second referee, or first referee if necessary, whistles and then places the palm of one hand over the other hand in a vertical position to form a "T". The vertical hand/arm is on the side of the team making


Time-out – Place the palm of a hand horizontally over a vertical hand on the side request-ing the time-out, forming a “T.” a. Team Time-out – indicate court of team being charged; b. Official Time-out – tap top of shoulders with hands. 22. Unnecessary Delay With arm on side of offending team bent across chest, hand just below chin, place palm of opposite hand, while holding card, against wrist. Then extend bent

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Signal timeout. If the timeout is to the left, the left hand will form the stem of the T. The right hand forms the horizontal portion. Then point to the bench of the team that requested the timeout. The first referee repeats the timeout signal (photo at the right).


4 TIME-OUT Relevant Rule: 15.4.1 Place the palm of one hand over the fingers of the other, held vertically (forming a T) and then indicate the requesting team F F FS Legend: FS Part of Referee(s) who must show the signal according to their regular responsibilities Referee(s) who show the signal in special situations FS OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2015-2016 69

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Lift the extended arm, the palm of hte hand facing upward. Raise eight fingers, spread open. Raise both arms vertically, palms forward. Make a circular motion with the forefinger. Point the arm and fingers toward the floor. Raise the forearms vertically, hands open, palms toward the body. Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upward.


13. Ball Lands Inbounds 14. Out-of-Bounds/ Antenna Violation 15. Begin Serve 16. Substitution 17. Authorization to Enter 18. Point 19. Replay/Re-serve 20A. Team 20B. Official 21. Unnecessary Delay 22. End-of-Set 23. Change of Courts NFHS OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS 20. Time-out