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The Set Pass. Elbows high. Make a diamond shape with your hands using your thumb and index fingers. Bend knees. Quick "catch" and push with your fingers. Extend your arms and wrist. Pretend you are catching a water balloon to help you get the feel of not "stabbing" at the ball. Submitted by Todd Pennington who is a doctoral student in the Health and Physical Education Program at Virginia Tech. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!

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Volleyball Passing Cues Before The Serve. Keep feet shoulder width apart in a balanced position with knees bent so you're in a slight squat. Keep feet slightly staggered so right foot is two-three inches in front of your left foot so you can move quickly in any direction. Hands can rest on knees with shoulders over the knees.

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Volleyball The Forearm Pass . Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other Move feet to get under the ball One foot in front of the other with knees bent Extend arms, body and knees to the ball DO NOT swing your arms, meet the ball with your arms

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Skill Cues. Players should always be ready to move and make a play at the ball. Your power will come from your legs when performing the skills. Passing. Hand positions. wrapped fist. thumb in palm of hand. cupped palm. bend your knees before the ball comes to you to absorb the serve and make the pass.

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Volleyball Set Pass Peer Assessment. Purpose of Activity: To see if students can identify if their peers are using the correct cues when using the set pass in volleyball. Suggested Grade Level: 9-12. Materials Needed: The following task sheet and a partner.

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Since a server has complete control over everything involved ( the toss, getting in position, etc), these factors make the skill of serving a lot easier to learn than other volleyball skills. The following are important cues for serving. Draw the arm back. Take a small step and toss.